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About Us

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If you're reading this page that means you probably saw something you like and you want to see who/what is behind this page that you've never seen before.
My name is Adrian and I am the founder and designer of these fine products. Our office is located in Dublin where this all started.
The reason why I made this website was that there's an unbelievable shortage of appealing GAA inspired apparel and accessories. While every other sport out there has an amazing range of products that people are proud to wear, Gaelic sports basically only have jerseys and some scattered cool t-shirt here or there.  
This should be unacceptable for any fan or player of these extraordinary sports.
Most of the fans out there only have one or two jerseys maximum and they are expensive. Also - you can't wear a jersey every day (my opinion).
We have many big plans for our young website and our goal is to have an extensive line of t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, tank tops, phone cases as well as luggage covers, shower curtains, coffee cups, tote bags, hats etc.
All of these products are print on demand which means we only print them once we get an order for them. Most of the products have delivery times of 1-4 weeks for Ireland but we ship worldwide (delivery times might be longer but also shorter in many cases).
One of the staples of our business is also exclusivity. While our goal is to have every GAA fan to have at least one of our products, we don't want a single design prevalent on the streets. That's why when an individual product hits 25 sales (across all sizes), we take it out of production so it stays exclusive.
We are in no way affiliated with GAA, clubs, players or any other official organisation. 
Please continue to browse our website as I'm sure you will find something you like. If you want to see a certain design on a different type of product, please email us at where you can leave any other suggestions you may have as well.